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Succulents on Parker Design

The little balcony garden I'm growing brings me so much happiness and you'll always find me out there first thing in the morning cooing and encouraging my plants. What originally started with one small moonglow graptoveria about 6 years ago turned into the craziness that it is now. 

I've been gifted many beautiful succulents, and grown them from leaves that I've found (they are super easy to cultivate). About 2 times a year however you'll find me at the local nurseries (my go-to's are Honeysuckle Gardens in Bondi Junction, Flower Power in Mascot and Garden Life in St Peters) finding new and rare succulents to add to the brood. 

If starting a little garden of your own I suggest a trip to Ikea where it's easy and cheap to find pots, planters and different succulents without breaking the bank. 

Pots: Garden Life / Stands: Kmart